Nick Moon

Running for City Council, Troutdale

I love Troutdale, wind and all. I am raising my family here; two boys with my lovely wife Amasa. I have pretty simple motivations for running for city council. My goal is to provide a voice as a young innovative business owner and concerned citizen. Troutdale is ranked as one of the top suburbs in Oregon. I very much would like to see Troutdale become a destination, not a pass thru on the way to the Gorge. Doing so not only makes a great place to live but also brings business, jobs and a thriving community with it.

I bring to the council over a decade of business experience. I know what it takes to bring an idea to life and the work that’s needed to see it thrive. I have negotiated deals with many large companies and have traveled to over a dozen countries in the music business managing people and product. I’ve learned by watching and by doing. I intend on using those skills to serve the people of Troutdale.